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We learn to be expert

An expert in the field of legal science was born from a process of creating a work of creative individuals and put his work in developing an honorable profession through research & development.

We learn to be practioner

Here we learn to become a practitioner in the field of jurisprudence that has character, independent and professional teaching system directly with the professional world environment.

We learn to be expert

Flexibility and adaptation to the changing world environment in education, especially science education in the field of law, we designed a method of teaching to achieve the goal of these changes by implementing a competency-based curriculum based on effectiveness and efficiency of timely completion of the study are adaptive to the central laboratory of law and legal language laboratory mainly Indonesian, English and Dutch.

We learn to be practioner

Being a practitioner in the field of legal science can be in direct contact with liingkungan professional world, here we are studying to become a practitioner of law through guidance to the multi-method system in legal writing. Legal writing may be done in the form of theses, memoranda of law or case studies.

Good science practioner law
Borns from great teachers

Professionalism and commitment to creating legal experts, we learned from the teaching staff, professors, doctoral, master / master, and professionals / practitioners of law that are reliable.

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