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Faculty of Engineering, University of Pasundan Bandung has an active student up to 4500 people who lectures in different courses or majors. Each program of study or majors, each year about 800 people managed to pass the scholars are divided in 3 stages of graduation, current alumni have been scattered in various government and private agencies.

Faculty of Engineering, University of Pasundan supported by the majority of teachers who have qualified both doctoral and masters graduates in the country and abroad.

There are various student organizations and units of interest and talent activities, and development of student creativity, such as: the Federation of Students of Faculty of Engineering, Student Association Level of Study Program or Programs, Home Conversation Club, Unit of Student Sports, Nature Lovers, Go Karting and others.

Students are directed into a Strata graduates who have the ability to continue to pursue higher education, and have the ability to solve practical problems (professional) in the field of engineering (engineering). This type of capability is greatly needed by the industrial world are now starting to rise again.

Being a national center of excellence in the development and application of science and technology.
Organizing higher education in implementing the techniques Tridharma leading universities, contribute to regional and national development, and uphold the values ​​of the Sundaan and Islamization.

Holding higher education accountable qualified engineering and an insightful and kelslaman kesundaan.

Generate a Bachelor of Engineering that can meet the demands and challenges of development of science and technology.

Generate, disseminate, and implement research products that are beneficial to society ahteraan kesej.

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